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Automatic Scrap Cable Stripper Electric Wire Stripping Machine Copper Recycling

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AUTOMATIC STRIPPING: This electric wire stripper removes plastic and rubber insulation from old electrical wiring at speeds up to 49 feet per minute (15 m/min.), powering its durable steel blade with a highly efficient 180W motor

WIDE APPLICATION: The 4 separate feed channels of this power cable stripper cover every width of copper wire from 15 to 0/7 gauge (1.5-25 mm), letting you safely and easily handle all the most common sizes

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The frame of this 26 lb. wire stripping machine is made of reinforced aluminum for dependable long-term use; the alloy steel blade maintains its edge well and ensures a clean cut every time; and the built-in fan prevents excessive heat from building up as you process piles of wires

SIMPLE OPERATION: Quickly and easily set the blade height to your exact needs using the adjustment knob, hit the power button, and start feeding your copper cable through the appropriate hole; the emergency stop is standing by if anything goes awry

COMPACT & PORTABLE: This durable automated wire stripping tool anchors down for easy use but is small and easily carried from home to shed, workshop to worksite to quickly process scrap wire wherever needed



Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel

Rated Power: 180W

Compatible Wire Gauges: 15-0/7 AWG (1.5-25 mm)

Stripping Speed: 49 ft./min. (15 m/min.)

Overall Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.5 x 12.6 in. (32x24x32 cm)

Net Weight: 25.8 lb. (11.7 kg)

Certification: CE


Package List
1 x Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

1 x Feed Hole Plate

1 x Hex Wrench

1 x Work Gloves

1 x Instruction Manual

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