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10pc Screw Extractor Left Hand Cobalt Drill Bit Set Easy Out Broken Bolt

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This Screw Extractors For Easily Removes Broken Screws, Bolts And Studs Set Comes Complete In Durable Metal Index.

Features: Tools Screw Extractors or Easy Outs are designed to remove broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings. Helpful Hint: Use recommended Sutton Tools drill size to pre-drill a pilot hole in the broken bolt prior to extracting. Premium quality. Set contains 10 screw extractors with matching left hand stub drill.

Left hand drills ensure the broken bolt or screw is not tightened in the hole.

Using the left hand action may help to loosen the broken item making extraction easier. Size:12x14x2cm Product weight: 370g

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