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Quality Zone LLC

1000W Portable Powered Generator for Backup Home Use Camping Outdoors

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Voltage 120 Volts Fuel Type Gasoline Power Source gas-powered

šŸ§æš™€š™¢š™šš™§š™œš™šš™£š™˜š™® š™‹š™¤š™¬š™šš™§: This gasoline powered generator has a starting power of 1000W and a running power of 800W. It can support small household appliances such as blenders, coffee pots, blow dryers, fans, lamps, and more. This generator features šŸ­šŸ®šŸ¬š™‘ š˜¼š˜¾ š™¤š™Ŗš™©š™„š™Ŗš™© š™«š™¤š™”š™©š™–š™œš™š.

šŸ§æš™ƒš™žš™œš™ š˜¾š™¤š™¢š™—š™Ŗš™Øš™©š™žš™¤š™£ š™€š™›š™›š™žš™˜š™žš™šš™£š™˜š™®: This generator uses 90# Petrol & Oil mixing (50:1) to provide you with power on the go. This unit can run š™Øš™žš™­ š™š™¤š™Ŗš™§š™Ø š™–š™© šŸ±šŸ¬% š™”š™¤š™–š™™ when the 1.1 gallon tank is full.

šŸ§æš˜¼š™žš™§ š˜¾š™¤š™¤š™”š™žš™£š™œ š™‹š™¤š™¬š™šš™§ š™Žš™®š™Øš™©š™šš™¢: The reliable 63cc two-stroke š™Šš™ƒš™‘ š™–š™žš™§ š™˜š™¤š™¤š™”š™šš™™ generator can provide plenty of power to handle all kinds of appliances. Portable and Easy To Use: Weighing only 35 lbs, this generator is easy to use and move around.

šŸ§æš‘·š‘¶š‘¹š‘»š‘Øš‘©š‘³š‘¬ š‘Øš‘µš‘« š‘¬š‘Øš‘ŗš’€ š‘»š‘¶ š‘¼š‘ŗš‘¬: Lightweight and mini outdoor generator is easy to move and š™„š™¤š™§š™©š™–š™—š™”š™š š™©š™¤ š™˜š™–š™§š™§š™® š™¤š™Ŗš™©š™™š™¤š™¤š™§š™Ø even without the wheel kit.

šŸ§æš˜¾š™šš™§š™©š™žš™›š™žš™šš™™ š™Žš™–š™›š™šš™©š™®: The GG1000 gasoline generator has the š˜¾š˜¼š™š˜½ š™˜š™šš™§š™©š™žš™›š™žš™˜š™–š™©š™š which complies with the š˜¾š™”š™šš™–š™£ š˜¼š™žš™§ š˜¼š™˜š™© š™¤š™› š™©š™š™š š™š™£š™žš™©š™šš™™ š™Žš™©š™–š™©š™šš™Ø š™€š™£š™«š™žš™§š™¤š™£š™¢š™šš™£š™©š™–š™” š™‹š™§š™¤š™©š™šš™˜š™©š™žš™¤š™£ š˜¼š™œš™šš™£š™˜š™®.

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